Customized private student loan solutions

First Marblehead works with lenders and schools to help meet the growing demand for private student loans.

For lenders

We work with large and small banks and credit unions to design, underwrite, originate, and manage their student loan programs. Our Monogram® platform offers lenders a branded, outsourced end-to-end private student loan solution. Our custom, data-driven risk modeling goes beyond FICO to more effectively evaluate borrower risk and optimize repayment contact strategies, allowing lenders to develop relationships with borrowers they might otherwise miss among the desirable student demographic.

For schools

Because we partner with some of the country's leading lenders, we give colleges and universities the ability to connect students with a range of private student loan options. We help schools ensure that students have the information they need to borrow responsibly, and our offering makes it simple for schools to implement programs that meet the unique needs of their student population — and for students to choose only those loans that are right for them.

With over 20 years of experience in education financing, a flexible approach, and a consistent focus on private student loans, we provide lenders and schools with a unique depth of knowledge and commitment to meeting their needs.