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A flexible approach to working with educational institutions

At First Marblehead, we've processed private student loans for thousands of public and private 4-year accredited institutions nationwide. We understand that every school's situation is different. So our philosophy is to work closely with schools to connect students with loans customized to meet their unique needs.

Our flexible Monogram® platform makes it simple to get started, regardless of your institution's size, educational focus, or administrative style.

The benefits of working with First Marblehead are significant:

  • With relationship managers based across the country, we can provide schools with an unparalleled level of personalized attention
  • Because we work with a variety of lenders, you can offer your students private student loan options that map to their specific needs
  • From application through payment, we're focused on making sure students approach borrowing responsibly; learn more about our Smart Borrowing program
  • All our loan programs are school-certified; we support all third-party certification and loan delivery providers, such as ELM, or schools can use our certification system,
  • Our online loan application technology allows students to customize and compare repayment options, qualify for repayment terms instantly, and complete the application process in as few as 15 minutes

To learn more about how we work with schools, contact us today.